Special machines






  • Output capacity: 0,3m³/h up to 4,5m³/h
  • Rotorspeed: 7 up to 33 U/min
  • Drive: Electric 5,5kw
  • Max. Grainsize: max. 16 mm
  • Max. Pressure: 6 bar
  • Conveyor distance: up to 600 m
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Dimensons lxwxh: 1200 x 750 x 1500

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This dry spraying machine consists of two pressure vessels that are located one above the other. The lower vessel is filled with water and air at all times in order to ensure continuous output. The upper pressure vessel conveys material from the reservoir and subsequently feeds it to the lower vessel.

The lower vessel contains a dosing wheel that can be driven in a continuous manner via a frequency converter. This enables the individual adjustment of the output performance.
The delivery includes a remote control for START, STOP (material and air) and EMERGENCY STOP (cable length 50 meters). If required, the machine can be directly connected to a gravity-fed silo or another reservoir.

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Big-Bag - station

  • Dimensions lxbxh: 1360x1860x3910


The Big-Bag - station consists of two parts:
The lower frame is made of square tube 80/80/5 and 60/60/4.
In there is a cone of height 600mm and 900mm in diameter.
The material flow can be regulatet through a flat slider or a butterfly valve.
Width at approximately: 1360 mm. Width approx: 1860 mm. Height approx: 2060 mm.
The upper frame is too take the Big Bag.
Made of square tube 80/80/5 and 60/60/4. Height approx: 1850 mm.
The Big-Bag frame is unilaterally with forklifts passably. Optional crane hooks.

Every standart Guniting machine can be fittet below the Station.