About us

Werner Mader GmbH is a small company specializing in the conception and provision of specialized machinery for concrete repair and building preservation. The company evolved after undergoing long development phases and continuous testing.

We see ourselves as your “all round partner.” Mechanical engineering, operational expertise, applications engineering and training are all linked to one another and optimized. Our goal is to conceive and manufacture our machinery in a way that the available technical options will keep the quality as high and the environmental impact as low as possible.

Our staff is actively seeking target-oriented and ideal solutions for customers in Germany and all over the world in order to provide support for the use of the machines.

Regular visits and participation in relevant symposiums, colloquiums and events is of considerable importance to us because this gives us the best opportunities to obtain information about trends, to implement innovations and to maintain contact with existing customers as well as potential customers.
We have a well-equipped stock. This enables us to respond quickly to customer wishes.

The resulting quick reaction options and timely processing has led to another positive development in our core business: the rental of machines, including the necessary accessories requested by the customer, has increased.
Another area with significant scope is the sale of accessories and spare parts in the area of concrete repair.

The confidence our clients have in what we do motivates us to continuously expand and improve this service. In addition to our operational and functional animations, we offer specific instructions and staff support for personnel working the machines directly at the customer’s premises or the construction site.
Furthermore, we provide our machine technology in support of seminars and trainings, primarily in government institutions, training construction sites and Quality Community Repair of Concrete Buildings in Germany, throughout the year. These seminars usually take place during a period of one or two days. Of course, our qualified personnel and technology are available in support of these seminars.

We consider all these activities as an ideal starting position to provide a continuous and flexible support to the customer from the beginning of the construction project throughout all working steps until the end.