Sealing plate overhaul

Wearing parts of the dry spraying machines – both the pocket wheels, rotors and rotor discs made of metal and the sealing plates made of rubber – are overhauled by our employees on specially designed machines. The reusable elements are given a Werner Mader GmbH seal of quality – a guarantee of their function and the personal mark of an employee who was responsible for the professional overhaul.

Once the panes and panels to be overhauled have arrived, they are overhauled within two working days and on their way back to you or to the place of use.

We do not award our seal of approval to sealing plates that have previously been reconditioned by third parties or improperly.
In the end, these not only result in higher wear and repair costs, but also lead to downtime of the machine on the construction site in case of emergency.

If you wish, we will also be happy to organise the collection of the parts, just get in touch with us!

  • Rubberplate WM-14-FU

  • Rubberplate WM-24-FU

  • Rubberplate WM-05-FU lowerside

  • Rubberplate WM-05-FU upperside