WM-Variojet FU

Mortar and concrete spraying machine for pre-mixed materials

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More Information

Our WM-Variojet FU is a spiral pump developed for processing mortar and concrete (pre-mixed material). The advantage of this wet spraying machine is its robust and easy-to-operate construction. The WM-Variojet FU can be used for a wide variety of purposes: Materials such as mortar, sealing slurries, fillers, cement paste and SPCC mortar can be processed. The Variojet is equipped with a remote control which offers a START and STOP function. The cable length is 50 m.
The ability to disassemble the Variojet into three modules allows for easy transportation. In this, the drive with chassis, the hopper with spiral pump and the control are separated from one another.
Tested for SPCC mortar in accordance with ZTV-ING.
An electronic pressure gauge is optionally available for grouting cement paste and cement suspensions.

Technical data:

Conveying capacity:

0,2m³/h up to 2,2m³/h

Max. pressure:

40 bar


160 kg

Dimensions lxwxh:


Max. grainsize:

8 mm

Conveyor distance:

up tp 40 m


  • Rotor Vario-Jet-FU

  • Stator for Vario-Jet-FU

  • Stator for VStator for Vario-Jet-FU Watercooledario-Jet-FU Watercooled

  • Switch pressure off indicator

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