WM-05 FU

Mortar and concrete spraying machine for dry materials, up to 4% moisture

The WM-05 is our compact model of a rotor machine and is particularly suited to the use of dry spraying mortar, SPCC mortar, dry pre-mixed concrete and minor sandblasting work. This dry spraying machine requires two seal plates and is equipped with a frequency converter for continuous speed control.
The delivery includes a remote control for START, STOP (material and air) and EMERGENCY STOP (cable length 50 meters). Optionally, we offer a radio remote control for the WM-05 FU.
Tested for SPCC mortar in accordance with ZTV-ING.

Technical data:

Conveying capacity:

0,5 bis 2,0 m³/h

Max. pressure:

4 bar


300 kg

Dimensions lxwxh:

1350 x 650 x 1120

Rotor speed:

3 bis 13,5 rpm

Max. grainsize:

8 mm

Conveyor distance:

up to 300 m


  • Rotordisk WM-05-FU

  • Rotor (S) WM-05-FU 0,8 liters

  • Rotor (M) WM-05-FU 1,8 liters

  • Rotor (L) WM-05-FU 2,6 liters

  • Rotor (XL) WM-05-FU 3,4 liters

  • Rubberplate WM-05-FU upperside

  • Rubberplate WM-05-FU lowerside

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