WM-24/14 FU steel frame

The steel frame provides protection against impacts from surrounding equipment or other machines on the construction site. In addition, it is possible to drive a forklift or other suitable construction site vehicle directly under the machine and move it without any problems. On request, it is also possible to cover the steel frame completely with steel plate to make it dustproof and opaque.

Technical data:


  • Rotor (M) WM-14-FU 2,4 Liters

  • Rotordisk WM-24-FU

  • Rotordisk WM-14-FU

  • Rotor (S) WM-14-FU 1,2 Liters

  • Rotor (M) WM-14-FU 3,7 Liters

  • Rotor (L) WM-14-FU 5,2 Liters

  • Rotor (S) WM-24-FU 1,6 liters

  • Rotor (M) WM-24-FU 4,3 liters

  • Rotor (L) WM-24-FU 6,7 liters

  • Rotor (XL) WM-24-FU 9,2 liters

  • Rubberplate WM-14-FU

  • Rubberplate WM-24-FU

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