Masonry jointing

Discover the advantages of concrete spraying machines in masonry jointing!

Our concrete spraying machines revolutionize masonry jointing. They save time, costs and improve the quality of the work.

Using concrete spraying machines offers flexibility for various pointing projects. Rely on our capabilities to take your masonry work to the next level. Contact us today!

Masonry constructions, especially historic masonry constructions, are particularly vulnerable to weather conditions. Unrendered areas, which are even more adversely affected by environmental and weather-related effects, make it particularly easy for water to wash out, deepen and erode masonry joints and hollow spaces. Sound rejointing is therefore indispensable.

Besides manual jointing with formulation or factory-mixed mortar, shotcreting now provides jointing, which is of entirely equivalent quality. Historic masonry constructions in particular exhibit uneven joint widths and depths in irregular natural stone masonry and shotcreting now gives the opportunity to remedy these gaps significantly more cost-effective and much more flexible in terms of time. The work can be carried out in the approved manner and in a way that meets the aesthetic requirements that apply in connection with historic buildings.

Deep wall joints and hard-to-access hollow spaces can now be sensitively filled without undesirable side effects such as load redistributions.
The pulsation-free delivery of the shotcrete also makes it possible to prevent entire walls being plastered in an unsightly way, as the shotcrete is applied to the surface evenly and homogeneously and seals perfectly. Another factor in favor of our machine technology is the significantly-reduced material rebound.

Together with institutes for material testing, universities and various research facilities, we always expose our machine technology to new challenges.

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