WM-14 FU New Generation

Mortar and concrete spraying machine for dry materials, up to 4% moisture

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More Information

Thanks to the modification to the structure of the base frame, the mobility of the machine has become significantly easier.

The adjustment of the machine has been optimized. The operating elements for adjustment have now been arranged in the center of the construction. In doing so, the limit switch for the funnel sieve was redesigned.

In all other aspects, it corresponds to the performance and equipment of the ‘old’ generation.

Technical data:


0,5 bis 2,0 m3/h


450 kg

Dimensions lxwxh:

1100 x 850 x 1000

Rotor speed:


Max. grainsize:


Conveyor distance:

up to 300m


  • Rotor (M) WM-14-FU 2,4 Liters

  • Rotordisk WM-14-FU

  • Radio remote control for dry spraying machines

  • Rotor (S) WM-14-FU 1,2 Liters

  • Rotor (M) WM-14-FU 3,7 Liters

  • Rotor (L) WM-14-FU 5,2 Liters

  • Rubberplate WM-14-FU

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