The Code of Conduct of Werner Mader GmbH

Entrepreneurial Goal

  • Offering the most innovative systems for concrete spraying technology
  • Development, production, and distribution of excellent products
  • A reputable, credible, and reliable business partner
  • Resulting in the appropriate perception among our employees, business partners, authorities, and the public

Product Quality

  • Dependent on continuous innovation
  • Dependent on the employees and their collaboration
  • Interplay and exchange of knowledge, work, and diligence among all employees


  • No bullying
  • Respectful treatment
  • Constructive and objective criticism
  • Openness to the opinions and views of others – learning from each other!
  • Fairness and helpfulness
  • Openness and sincerity
  • Joint improvement of skills and knowledge
  • Discipline and punctuality
  • Openness to innovation

Respect for Human Dignity

  • Compliance with and protection of human dignity
  • Responsibility of Werner Mader GmbH and each individual employee

Equal Opportunities and Prohibition of Discrimination

  • Workforce diversity as potential and future
  • Prevention of discrimination of any kind (e.g., origin, gender, religion, worldview, disability, education level, age, or sexuality)

Safety, Health, and Responsibility

  • Product quality follows product safety
  • A safe and healthy working environment
  • Responsible actions of each individual employee
  • Compliance with safety regulations
  • Immediate correction and reporting of shortcomings

Environmental Protection

  • Protection of soil, air, water, biodiversity, and cultural assets
  • Preventive, avoidance, and reduction measures to enforce environmental protection
  • Sustainable and responsible use of natural resources
  • Compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Immediate reporting of any damage

Handling and Protection of Internal Knowledge

  • Ensuring secure and fast information exchange
  • Transfer of relevant knowledge
  • Absolute confidentiality of company and business secrets

Handling and Protection of Company Property and Assets

  • Loyalty of Werner Mader GmbH towards its employees
  • Loyalty of employees towards Werner Mader GmbH
  • Prudent, responsible, and economical handling of the property and assets of Werner Mader GmbH
  • No improper use of assets and services of Werner Mader GmbH

Data Protection

  • Adherence to the principles of data protection for the benefit of employees and business partners
  • Duty of care for every employee
  • Immediate correction and reporting of shortcomings

Collaboration with Customers and Suppliers

  • Long-term partnerships and cooperative business relationships
  • Openness and sincerity, honesty, trust, and reliability
  • Sustainable added value for our customers
  • Long-term economic success

Dealing with Competitors

  • Free competition as an essential element for promoting efficiency, economic development, and innovation
  • Fairness towards competitors
  • Fairness in return from competitors

Customs and Foreign Trade

  • Increasing export ratio of Werner Mader GmbH
  • Compliance with all export control and customs laws
  • Compliance with other regulations in the countries of our business activities
  • Recognition of the importance of compliance with regulations, especially concerning sanctioned countries

Conflicts of Interest and Corruption

  • Avoidance of any corrupt behavior
  • Winning contracts through the quality, price, and advancement of our products and services
  • Offers and acceptance of gifts and other benefits always in accordance with the law
  • In case of doubt, consult with the Compliance Department or management without hesitation

Donations and Sponsorship

  • We are a socially responsible company
  • Promotion of social institutions, education, science, sports, culture, and the environment
  • Decisions are exclusively made by management


  • Implementation and fulfillment of the Code of Conduct is the responsibility of management and the Compliance Department
  • Responsibility of each individual employee
  • Self-responsible actions of each individual employee
  • Implementation of the Code of Conduct by employees with the support of management and the Compliance Department

Open Questions

  • Open questions should be directed to management or the Compliance Department

Consequences of Violations

  • Legally prescribed sanctions
  • Employment-related consequences

This Code of Conduct has been presented and explained to all employees in its present form. Each employee has received a copy.
All employees support this Code of Conduct!