Single Refractory Chamber unit for guniting Type WMK 0,8 FU

The WMK-0.8 FU is a pressure tank machine with pocket wheel designed for processing refractory concrete. As is the case with WMK-0.2 FU, an HD water pump is integrated in this machine as well. The tank volume is 800 liters.
The speed can be continuously adjusted using the frequency converter drive. No seal plates or rotor discs are required for this. This enables long usage times without having to change the wear parts.
Sufficient for material from one big bag.

Technical data:

Conveying capacity:

0,6m³/h bis 4,5m³/h

Max. pressure:

6 bar


1000 Kg

Dimensions lxwxh:


Max. grainsize:

8 mm

Conveyor distance:

bis zu 300 m

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