Our machines

Our concrete spraying machines offer both the efficient dry spraying process and the precise wet spraying process. With the dry spraying process, we can carry out targeted repairs and coatings, while the wet spraying process is suitable for larger areas and high production rates. With our versatile technology, we offer optimal solutions for a wide range of concrete projects

  • WM 250

  • WM-05 FU

  • WM-14 FU

  • WM-14 FU New Generation

  • WM-24 FU Kombi

  • WM-24/14 FU steel frame

  • WM-B100

  • WM-Jetmix 125/180

  • WM-Loka

  • WM-M8

  • WM-Mini FU

  • WM-Mini FU special construction

  • WM-Variojet FU

  • WMK-0.2-FU

  • WMK-0.8-FU